New, redesigned Web site launched

Good evening to all motoring enthusiasts:

We have redesigned a brand new and easy-to-use Web site. Hope you will check it out and give us your opinion and suggestion to or

Look forward to hearing from you all,





3 Responses to “New, redesigned Web site launched”

  1. Chris S., South Tampa Says:

    This new format doesn’t allow you to quickly find out when the next show is going to be. It would be better if you put the Date/Location in the first couple lines (instead of DESCRIPTION)…that way people can see what’s next and click for more info if they’re interested. As it stands now…very user-unfriendly. (Just my opinion though….)

  2. Mike Says:

    I liked the old site better…

  3. John Johnson Says:

    This is the WORST effort at site redesign. “Easy to use”, not likely. You went for the glitz instead of emphasizing user experince.
    You made is practicably impossible to find a car show of interest. In the old layout there was an easy way to see all the show dates and content at glance. This new design hides the car shows link on a silly background. More importantly, it requires MULTIPLE clicks to see the content and dates of each show. Very inefficient and useless.
    I used to be able to print the month’s shows in advance. Now I cannot do that either.
    And one other issue: the months are listed in the chronological order, but the cars hows within in month are listed in the revere chronological order. Just another sign of inattention to details.

    PLEASE FIX THESE PROBLEM. In the meantime I will use another site to find the car shows.

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