Courtside Grille spotlights Oldsmobiles at May 1 show

Courtside Grille, 13901 Nine Eagles Drive, Tampa spotlights Oldsmobiles for its monthly car show. The show is from 4 to 7 p.m. “We will have our regular car show, but Oldsmobiles will take their turn in the spotlight,” says car show organizer Paul Figoni. “The top Oldsmobile will get a trophy and a $100 Courtside Grille gift certificate. First five cruisers to register get a free food buffet meal. All other cruisers can have the all-you- can-eat buffet for $5. All cruisers get a free soft drink (2 per car). We will give out $200 in gift certificates. Buffet food meals may vary per show. Roll out those Oldsmobiles and let see come classic American iron.”

 For details, call Figoni at (813) 468-0277 or e-mail

 See you at Courtside!






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