Folks, we are kicking off a blog for our Motoring Tampa Bay Web site. Do send us your suggestions to improve the site, which as you can see is unique in every respect, catering to the motoring enthusiast in the Tampa Bay area.



4 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. Braden Thurber sr Says:

    thank you , I have a 86 indi pace car corvette convertible and a few collector bikes , my wife found your site , it makes locating events easy , before we had to fumble around to find something , good job

  2. Dino Prashad Says:

    Thanks for your site! I have a classic and a buddy of mine turned me onto your site, i’m sure i’ll be at one of your meets soon.

  3. Larry Scudder Says:

    Thanks for establishing a central site for upcoming events. It seems that there is a real need for a “go to” site for classic car/truck enthusiasts to sort out when and where events are scheduled.
    Great job.

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